Course schedule of philosophy 251

An introduction to literature by and about women from a multicultural perspective, focusing on women's diverse experiences and backgrounds. Second, we will reverse course and look at traditional philosophical problems through the lens of psychology focusing on three topics: Begins with Aristotelian categorical syllogisms, then considers truth-functional propositional and quantificational logic.

Students may repeat this course provided that each time it is taken, a different topic is covered. Offered every Spring semester. The course has two main goals: We will also examine specific ethical issues in the conduct of medical research and look at the impact of technological innovation on our notions of health, disease, life, death, and the family.

Is it even possible to tell what people's real motivations are? Explores religious, cultural, political, and social dimensions of Islam, from beliefs and practices to relationship of Islam to the Judaeo-Christian heritage.

Considers duties to and value of animals, plants, entire species, ecosystems, and Earth as whole. This course will cover a broad range of Nietzsche's writings, focusing on such central concepts as the will to power, eternal recurrence, and the oft-misunderstood Ubermensch "overman".

P - indicates the class is performance-based. Follows inner journeys of religious thinkers from a variety of traditions.

How many meanings does 'unlockable' have? Also addressed are mental health, addiction, sexual harassment, violence, and issues pertaining to the health of minority women. May be repeated for credit when topic is different. James extended Peirce's position by defending the role of values in even the purest of empirical sciences.

Since his death, however, he has become deeply influential and well-known, and was a source of inspiration for many important 20th-century thinkers. Special emphasis will be placed on the concept and practice of "democracy. What is place of individual in society? Intensive examination of a philosophical problem selected from any of the systematic areas.

The movement's founder, C. Develop research and write an original thesis under the direction of their thesis director. General survey of the major thinkers and issues of the Renaissance and Modern periods. Explores forms, beliefs, and rituals of Hinduism, Buddhism, and religions of China and Japan through primary sources.


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A critical examination of the work of some major figures in the history of philosophy, emphasizing historical continuities and developments in the subject.

Authors include Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Locke, Berkeley, Hume, Nietzsche, and Russell. Philosophy Physics Political Science Psychology Public Health Religion Russian Studies Sociology Theatre and Dance Studies Women’s and Gender Studies Showing of courses Refer to the course schedule for current listings.

Anthropology ANTH – Independent Study.

Undergraduate Philosophy Courses

The course will discuss the analysis and structure of arguments in daily life, the media, philosophy and theology. Problems of clarity and meaning in the analysis of information, rules for definitions, the formation of propositions, the construction and evaluation of arguments will be covered.

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Course schedule of philosophy 251
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