Creative strategy in integrated marketing communications essay

Opinion leaders talk to each other. Figure 1 clearly explains the communication model with nine components.

Examples of Integrated Marketing Strategies

A good place to start is to generate a few key positioning statements to feature in your communications. The creative person or team is often provided with a great deal of input and background information on the target audience, such as their lifestyles, needs and motives, and communication objectives.

This is based in the sense that they will be working in something that related to their field of study Jamesp. They may be fresh graduates that have difficult time in seeking full-time employment or those want to work with charity companies.

Advertising Goals To provide information about opportunity to students To create awareness of the services of CARE International To build recognition of the company name To evoke desire to help people in developing countries To remind students that they have knowledge and ability to help people in those countries to improve their living by passing them knowledge and skills to run a small business effectively.

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In the contrary, if an initial attitude is negative, a person will go through counter arguments, a message is likely to be rejected.

So much attention is focused on the concept of creativity because the major challenge given to those who develop marketing communication messages is to be creative.

Relationship of Creative Advertisement and Integrated Marketing Communication

This study will use Care International as a case study. The sales force rarely meet the advertising or sales promotion people and so on. However, most of these organizations target university students who want to join overseas volunteering programs which are available in both long and short term.

However, Briglauerp. The creative strategy used to communicate an marketing communication message is an integral part of the promotional process and is often critical to the success or failure of the campaign. Successful marketing communications efforts are much more than a shot in the dark.

To do this you must have carefully planned internal communications, that is, good internal marketing. There is a proliferation of single discipline agencies. Select communication tools which are right for each stage.

Ensure all communications add value to instead of dilute the brand or organisation. Based on the above assumption made by Holmp. Every industry and brand is unique, so there is no standard marketing mix that will work for everyone.

People communicate face to face, over the phone and in writing. In this situation, noise is present in the form of other people round about talking, possibly the sound of telephone ringing and a bar staff interrupting your conversation by asking for the payment of your orders Proctorp. A man in a local pub pays attention to a young attractive women sitting at the other end of the pub, but he does not give attention to another man sitting near her table.

The use of tools, including Twitter, Facebook or MySpace, to connect with various audiences, combined with blogs, websites and other online tactics have exponentially broadened the reach, and lessened the cost, of communicating with the masses.

Develop a sequence of communications activities which help the customer to move easily through each stage. This requires a marketing information system which collects and shares relevant data across different departments.

In this case, the target audience is business graduates who are looking for jobs. However, if a receiver fails to pay attention to an intended message, it means that the communication is not effective.

Take the example of a situation in a local pub where Paul is talking to Smith. All communications should help to develop stronger and stronger relationships with customers.

While different departments such as sales, direct mail and advertising can help each other through Data Integration. Their job is to write copy, design layouts and illustrations and produce commercials that communicate effectively. Simple communications models show a sender sending a message to a receiver who receives and understands it.

However, every marketing situation is different and requires a unique approach.

Integrated Marketing Communications (

The importance of creativity in marketing communication The creative side of marketing communication is one of its most interesting aspects.Feb 01,  · One of the most important components of an integrated marketing communications program is the marketing communication message.

It will be obvious that there are a myriad of ways to convey an marketing communication message. However, underlying all of these messages is a creative strategy that involves determining what the marketing communication message will say or.

Imc of Social Marketing Essay. social marketing in 4Ps is different from other integrated marketing communication tools.

According to Tian and Borges (, p. ), price in social marketing means what a customer have to trade off to obtain benefit. International Marketing Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is an approach used by organisation to brand communications where different factors coordinate to create a seamless experience for the customers and are expressed with similar tone and style that reinforce the brand’s core message.

Integrated communication marketing Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is an approach to brand communications where the different modes work together to create a seamless experience for the customer and are presented with a similar tone and style that reinforces the brand’s core message.

Developing a brand’s creative strategy requires an investment of time, energy, and a portion of your marketing budget. First, a word about creative strategy.

Creative strategy is the intentional and strategic approach a company takes in developing and implementing steps that will ensure and support the business’ growth. Integrated marketing communications is an approach to promoting a message through multiple strategies that work together and reinforce one another.

For example, a company may promote a new logo, slogan, or strategy through multiple media such as print, television, web, and social networks.

Creative strategy in integrated marketing communications essay
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