Dairy farming business plan in hindi

You can easily setup small scale dairy farm with your family labor. Or Jersey with sahiwal. With the bank hesitating to extend further assistance, I am exploring other options to infuse rich capital to take my dairy enterprise to the next level.

Also cross breed of jersey and red sindhi is preferrable for the good milk yield. My interaction with NABARD made me realise that, to fully leverage the resources being deployed, we need to scale up the operation to heads of cattle; this would create a capacity for 1, lts of milk every day and was projected to have an annual turnover of over Rs 1 crore.

For breed selection we must take care of the breed which is adapted to our climatic condition and their milk yielding capability. Always keep in mind the market while choosing breeds for your dairy farming business.

Completed Generating capital from family members: Lactation period of cows should be days and service period should be days.

We know that it is important to create strategies that will help us boost our brand awareness and to create a corporate identity for our cattle rearing business. Collect the manure on daily bases and store somewhere outside of the shed.

Water — Clean and abundant water facility is required for both cattle and to grow the green fodder. We advise you not to get into this dairy business unless you dedicate your effort and time on your farm round the clock. You need experience in this business Bear in mind that you will be dealing cows in this business and it is quite risky as the cows can get aggressive without warning.

After getting my family on board about my decision to exit the corporate world, I immersed myself into conceptualising and giving shape to the dairy enterprise as it is today by leveraging my expertise around project management, process improvement, business intelligence, analytics, and resource management that i had accumulated over the years of professional life.

However, the yield of green fodder depends on many factors. Never begin with poor producing cows because if you begin with poor-producing cows, you will always be struggling to rebuild your herd and you might never be able to catch up. Shed — There must be proper and covered secured shed inn place before getting cows into your farm.

However, ensure availability of all types of essential facilities in the house.

Dairy Farming Business Plan – Very Profitable Business To Start In India

Make a stock of necessary medicines and other materials. Fodder — As cows need three types of fodder for best milk yield and high fat content, you must have good fodder management from growing fodder to feeding fodder on daily basis.

Try to add as much green food as possible with their regular food. The sales projection is based on information gathered on the field and some workable assumptions as well with respect to the nature of dairy farms business that we run.

The truth is that it is one of the means of avoiding running into loss. But for commercial purpose, you have to employ several experienced people with high salary. Gestation period of cows is going to be days.

Most people are aware of the business of rearing cows for meat but they tend to forget that you can begin a dairy farm business. The dairy shed roof should be made with asbestos sheets and floor should be made of either bricks or cement with enough inclination. Dairy Farming Business Plan 5 — As feed or fodder is the main component of dairy farming that directly impacts the profits; you must have good knowledge green fodder cultivation practices and silage making procedure.

For example, you can make use of family labor. It is also required for the good health of the cattle. For proper production you should give your animal required space inside the house.

Business Plan For Dairy Farm In India

Visit the market and try to understand which product has high demand. Dairy animals need more water than other animals. Try to keep the animals free from all types of cattle diseases. Dairy Farming Business Plan 2 — Visit local dairy farms and talk to the management so you can get an idea of managing the farm.

Generally breed selection of these cow should be done on the basis of milk yield production in general ltrs of milk yield in a day is preferrable.And almost all regions of India are suitable for setting up dairy farming business.

Most of the dairy farmers in India are raising animals in small scale scale traditional methods. They are not aware about the modern farming methods and improved techniques for dairy farming.

Develop a Business Plan and SWOT Analysis. It is important to remember that a dairy farm is a business.

A Sample Dairy Farm Business Plan Template

Development of detailed business plan and a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) of your plan and the resources you have available will be critical to the success of your business.

Dairy farming may require slightly high investment in the initial stages, but the profits at the end of it all, suffice to make up for it wonderfully well!

You may go in for pure breeds or cross breeds. Machinery for setting up a Dairy Farming with Breeding and Dairy Products plant?

What are the requirements of raw material for setting up a Dairy Farming with Breeding and Dairy Products plant? Who are the Suppliers and Manufacturers of Raw materials for setting up a Dairy Farming with Breeding and Dairy Products plant?

डेयरी फार्म हाउस के कारोबार को खोलने की जानकारी | How to Start dairy Farming business plan in India in Hindi डेयरी फार्म हाउस का कारोबार आम दूसरे कारोबार की तरह नहीं होता है. Hello Sir, me agriculture graduate hu, acabc ka 2month ka diploma kr rakha h, me agriculture department me govt job me hu, kya me dairy farming or goat farming ke liye sarkari scheme ka profit le sakta hu, mere pas 2acre agriculture land h, kon sa business suitable rahega, mere family members Mera business Dekh sakte h, please suggest me.

Dairy farming business plan in hindi
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