Independent record company business plan

These vendors will be selected based upon quality of product, ability to meet delivery deadlines, payment terms, inventory and storage options, as well as price.

The more time you spend on the studio, the more money you would have to pay. These funds will be used to: This action can take place within eight years from issuance. Our Competitive Advantage The level of competition in the record label industry is on the increase as the years roll by.

Most likely, the Company will hire a qualified business broker to sell the business on behalf of the Record Label. To achieve these goals, The Record Label will engage an expansive traditional and online marketing campaign to promote album sales, online sales of downloadable music, and of the artists themselves.

Label Vice Presidents will solely handle the majority of these independent record company business plan for their particular label with the assistance of shared administrative staff. A key factor affording REC the opportunity to capitalize on this, is the company's close, personal relationships with both Rexmark Ultimate and the Johnson Group.

Broadcasts and cable companies now transmit dozens of video shows, and their impact on record sales is clear; videos not only increase record sales, they break new acts, and prolong the chart life of new recordings.

Record Label Business Plan

Sales fell sharply over the course of the next six years, mainly due to the declining American economy and the popularity of home cassette taping. Music videos will offer exposure to those markets presently unexploited.

Entertainment Business Plan

REC's co-founders are Mr. All they need to do is to release free downloads on their website. In this section, you can also put demographic information about your target market including population size, income demographics, level of education, etc.

In these strategic alliances and joint ventures, the larger company may invest money to: It is easier for a record label to attract influx of upcoming artists if the record label is well established and recognized.

Due to his experience in the Jazz niche of the music market, Max has developed a solid network of personal contacts with radio promoters, musicians, producers, and executives. In addition to canvassing radio stations, independent record promoters will also devote substantial time securing airplay for music videos.

Partnerships with these companies will be dictated by the strength of company management, the quality of both their artist and product and the size of their marketing and promotion budget. The majority of accounts receivable will be outstanding from the distribution company, which receives payment directly from retailers and will subsequently remunerate DJA.

REC Music and its associated labels strive to fully maximize the success and profit potential of each artist. Each of the albums that REC produces and owns will create valuable short-term streams of revenue. Lever provides the essential business acumen to direct REC in daily finance, accounting and resource management functions.

This will be achieved through a marketing plan consisting of the following tools: Several manufacturers that REC is currently considering are: The fact that revenue is nose — diving in the industry does not in a way stop some record label from declaring profits year in year out.

A linked offering composed of common stock, preferred stock and debentures is being offered by REC. This link will take you to our 'View Only' business plan on Google Docs. Rama has linked and placed projects and music titles with the following television networks and television and motion picture production companies: One of the ways that you can do this by having a good business plan in place.

However, without the dollars necessary "to win" success is a "crap shoot.

A Sample Record Label Business Plan Template

Musical entertainment is demanded in all economic climates, and only severe recessions are expected to decrease the revenues of the business. Based on historical numbers, the business could fetch a sales premium of up to 3 to 7 times the previous years earnings.

Statistics has it that in the three largest markets in the music industry, measured by the revenue they generated were the United States of America, Japan and Germany.A business plan includes proposed marketing and promotion of your product, and also its costing.

BAND TIPS: Setting Up An Independent Record Label the partnership; and (3) the limited company.

Record Company

If you plan to operate as a sole trader (i.e. just you, working. Record Label Business Plan To Start A Successful Music Company! This section helps you define the general purpose of your music company, stating the main reasons it is in business, while it also serves as a reminder to the public and the employees within your company what you and the founders envision.

Mt. Hood Records music recording producer business plan executive summary. Mt. Hood Records is a start-up home business that aims to become Portland's premier regional recording label. They will represent and promote local bands, produce, and distribute and retail music CDs/5(52).

Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd ed. Record Company Business Plan: Business Plans - Volume Toggle navigation. Encyclopedia. Encyclopedia of Small Business; Encyclopedia of Business; REC will distinguish itself from other independent record companies through its marketing and promotional plan.

Intense, calculated and relentless promotional. Mt. Hood Records music recording producer business plan company summary. Mt. Hood Records is a start-up home business that aims to become Portland's premier regional recording label. They will represent and promote local bands, produce, and distribute and retail music CDs/5(52).

Thank you for purchasing the Record Label Business Plan Template. This Template is designed in professional business plan format and includes components such as a MISSION STATEMENT, EXECUTIVE SUMMARY, COMPANY DESCRIPTION, INDUSTRY ANALYSIS.

Independent record company business plan
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