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Variation reflects family traditions, local traditions, resources of the families and other factors. You may want to consider a florist who will repurpose flowers from one event to another makes it easier on your budget.

The first thing you do before the festivities begin is meet with the couple. Hotels The engagement is the first agreement between the families, and that's when they set the wedding date.

Kama Sutraas well as Rishi Kanva — the foster-father of Shakuntala — in the Mahabharataclaimed this kind of marriage to be an ideal one. Destination wedding or a local?

The fourteenth step Indian weddings completed once the bride promises gifts to the sisters; she then moves on the fifteenth step where she steps on piles of Indian weddings in a path toward the kitchen.

They promise to be committed to each other and to take care of each other. There'll often be up to four stations of chefs preparing food for guests. There's something inside of me that feels most content when I see an Indian wedding.

Finally, the groom will apply a red powder to the center of the bride's forehead and tie a black beaded necklace around her neck, symbolizing she's now a married woman. These gifts and the wedding experience all come with the ticket.

The sixth step is the performance of the Barani or welcoming for the groom and his janti as they enter the jagya. Each step represents a promise the couple must make.

The household is important during the marriage ritual because it is the center of the concept of mandala; the Chhetri's homes are considered to be domestic mandalas and so have roles as householders. Yes, I will manage the home according to my ability and reason. When served in the US, though, the food tends to be North Indian, meaning you'll see a spread of naan a flatbread with different curries, samosas savory pastries with spiced meats or vegetablespakoras fritters and a dessert display, which typically includes cake, kulfi Indian ice cream and decorated sweets made from nuts.

At the end of the meal, a wide variety of Indian cookies and sweets are served, such as silver-wrapped cashews, kaju, which is a fig-filled cookie, Halva, and others made from heavy cream, cheese, and nuts.

We are partial towards elephants. Brahma marriage — considered the religiously most appropriate marriage, and the most prevalent among Hindus in modern India. The couple walk around the holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib four times.

Your invitation should clearly state what you're being asked to attend. Now is the time to talk about your ideal wedding, and what you both want the most. What will the reception be like? Yes, whatever food you earn with hard work, I will safeguard it, prepare it to nourish you.

Kanyadaan[ edit ] Kanyadaan — a key ritual where the father gifts away the daughter to the groom. Check with your venue about how they set up lighting.

This marriage was considered inappropriate by Hindu Smriti-writers because greed, not what is best for the woman, can corrupt the selection process.

Prajapatya marriage — in this type of marriage, a couple agree to be married by exchanging some Sanskrit mantras vows to each other. I promise to seek your consent, as I manage our wealth, fairly earned, so it grows and sustains our family.

May the earth be honey-sweet for us. Some Indian weddings abroad symbolically maintain some of the customs in India. Bridal Fashions Many elements of the traditional Western wedding have been added to Indian ceremonies, including the bridal party, with the bridesmaids typically wearing Indian saris of the same color or pattern.

Thank you so much for your support. In the ninth step, the husband and wife return to the kitchen of the wife and worship their ancestors and the seven Mother Goddesses. Kama the god of love gave her to me, that I may love her Love is the giver, love is the acceptor Enter thou, the bride, the ocean of love With love then, I receive thee May she remain thine, thine own, O god of love Verily, thou art, prosperity itself May the heaven bestow thee, may the earth receive thee After this ritual recital, the father asks the groom to not fail the bride in his pursuit of dharma moral and lawful lifeartha wealth and kama love.Planning an Indian Wedding?

Whether be it completely traditional or an updated version of a South Asian wedding, check out our Indian Weddings board on Pinterest for lots of desi wedding inspiration! To find a venue for your Indian wedding, start with our Wedding Venue Search.

Jul 08,  · Indian weddings are known for their over the top décor and fun atmosphere. But planning them is a whole different story.

10 Common Indian Wedding Traditions

The brides-to-be can be overwhelmed with all. San Francisco Bay Area's best ballroom for your Traditional Indian Wedding East meets west at Crowne Plaza Foster City.

Your wedding marks the beginning of a new union between your families, so we'll do our best to ensure your personal traditions are properly honored. Jan 24,  · Good morning, so I need a little help with this topic. My fiancé is Indian and I'm white. We decided on an Indian wedding, his mother seems to be pushy on what I wear.

Indian Weddings. Andrena Photography has been photographing Indian weddings since In fact, a photo from my very first Indian wedding landed on the cover of Professional Photographer magazine, which was a huge honor and helped me gain a following within the Indian community.

I have always been fascinated with the both the Arabic and Indian culture. And when it comes to weddings, I’m even more blown away with how vibrant everything is – the jewelry, the dressing and especially the make up!

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Indian weddings
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