Post partum depression essay

Despi Depression is a disease that afflicts the human psyche in such a way that the afflicted tends to act and react abnormally toward others and themselves.

There is a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision. This paper will focus on three main objectives, which are to determine 1 the causes of PPD, 2 the most Postpartum depression PPD is a condition mostly associated with women as opposed to men.

What to know about postpartum depression

Should I be worried about her or her little girl? Patient Handouts Summary Many women have the baby blues after childbirth.

Medications for Postpartum Depression

There are several characteristics, mostly mood swings, which could serve as potential indicators of the presence of the PPD condition in a woman. The cause is not known. You may have thoughts of hurting yourself or the baby.

The final step was the application and testing of her theory in the clinical setting. In fact, it's perfectly normal to feel sad and discouraged at times. Analyze and comment on at least one of the following major themes: Essay writing resources from experts Trusted essay writing service Useful writing tips from experts.

Only a combination of more than three symptoms, usually after childbirth, could be a true manifestation of PPD in a person. The followings are some of the recommended healing practices in restoring normalcy.

Because there was little to no understanding of the cause of postpartum depression as there remains no clear cut causal factor todayno inclination from the medical community toward pharmacological intervention, and limited resources for cognitive intervention, women were left in asylum like institutions until the depressive symptomologies dissipated.

Post partum depression essay recognized the intrinsic value of theory for nursing as a means for defining and directing the profession and providing a base for further theoretical development, and if we consider that nursing is a science, then theory development is a fundamental activity Ingram, This approach could prove effective where the cause of the depression is established to be a rapid drop in the level of estrogen in the body, where the hormone could be replaced, thus averting the condition.

Her socioeconomic status afforded her the opportunity to go to a summer home to wait for the symptoms of postpartum depression to dissipate.

Postpartum Depression

It is one of the most painful, but also most common and treatable, of Everyone gets the blues now and then. Findings from 17 new transcultural qualitative studies of PPD provided evidence that prevalence of PPD is fairly consistent around the globe.

There is nothing shameful about saying that new motherhood is hard. It is interesting that at no time was there any direct information provided in the storyline as to the status of the child. However there is no established consensus as to the length of postpartum period, and some authorities define postpartum depression as occurring within the first 12 months after delivery.

The Causes Of Depression Words: We still do not know what causes postnatal depression. Quentin - USA I cannot thank you enough for the work you have work you have done for me in the past month. Provide at least one local and one wide-ranging i.

The baby blues most often go away within a few days or a week.

postpartum depression

According to the drug companies, it is the out of balance serotonin that leads to depression. Postnatal depression is a spectrum, with this type of psychosis at one end, and mild "baby blues" — weeping for several days after childbirth — at the other. Comparative Analysis of "The "Yellow Wallpaper Postpartum depression PPD also referred to as postnatal depression, is defined as a form of clinical depression which may affect women, and to a lesser degree men, subsequent to the birth of a child in most instances.

This own dissipation can take years and hence there is a need to curb this condition for those who cannot withstand the long waiting.

In most cases, among those who are infected with this dejection, it has been established that PPD becomes evident within the first four weeks after childbirth and in some instances after a miscarriage. Prescription or Over the Counter Pregnancy A Adequate and well-controlled studies have failed to demonstrate a risk to the fetus in the first trimester of pregnancy and there is no evidence of risk in later trimesters.

Also as being gloomy; dejected; sad.

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However, an urgent psychiatric assessment is warranted if there is a risk of self-harm or harm to the child at any time, or if a postpartum psychosis, or manic or mixed episode, is suspected. However, studies have shown that men and women do show difference in symptomatic patterns.

The patient should visit a psychiatrist for counseling and advice on how to manage the condition.

Post Partum Depression

Ho Massive advertising campaigns mounted by major pharmaceutical corporations would have you believe that the only way to battle and control your depression is to take one of their drug concoctions.Postpartum depression (PPD) is a condition mostly associated with women as opposed to men.

In most cases, among those who are infected with this dejection, it has been established that PPD becomes evident within the first four weeks after childbirth and in some instances after a miscarriage.

Chrissy Teigen wrote an essay for Glamour magazine about her experience with postpartum depression. Postpartum Depression is a serious illness and without proper treatment and attention the children born to women who develop Postpartum Disease may grow up without proper care and in the most serious of cases, some children die of neglect or abuse/5(7).

Postpartum Depression Depression is a completely unexpected result in women who birth a child. Besides many other emotions that are completely normal -- joy, fulfillment, pride -- depression is especially powerful because of its inappropriate nature.

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Postpartum Depression In the short story. “The Yellow Wallpaper” written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, we are introduced to a woman, the narrator, who suffers from postpartum depression, a disorder in women that results from childbirth.

Post partum depression essay
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