Profile of a successful malaysian entrepreneur

Hans Christian Anderson Hans Christian Anderson's fierce determination and self-starter mentality make him another great example of a famous entrepreneur. He started his automobile business with an allocation of Approved Permits APs to import foreign cars.

With the versatility trait he possess, he has the knowledge and skills such as accounting which help him to success.

Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr. Tony Fernandes showed versatility traits as he possess many skills. The ways he use to deal with different problem is good and bring a lot of success.

Maybe you'll be next on the list. She has also ventured into the acting field in Chinese movies and series. When something is wrong, try to change what is wrong. Tan Sri Tony Fernandes Photo credit: Gates eagerly tried to bring the two giants together, content to be the second-class software in a marriage between big players.

Often referred to as "The Grandfather of the Digital Revolution," Jobs forever changed the consumer electronics industry. The irony is that by the time Gates had gone on to become the richest man on earth, the first two of his "senior" partners were long gone and forgotten.

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The psychological profile of successful entrepreneurs

He won several acting and composing awards at the Asian Film Festival in the s and s. This is a big bet which if he failed at that time, he may lost everything. She is also signed under KRU Music.

14 Successful Malay Entrepreneurs in Malaysia

Did you know that some people believe that J. He spent his childhood working in factories, and at night he forced himself to sleep as a way to forget his constant hunger.

And the rest, folks, is history. With a net profit of US 4. He believes that someone who try their best will survive in the unprotected world. Ramlee, was a Malaysian film actor, director, singer, songwriter, composer and producer.

He is also a perceptive person because he is dare and confident with what he does. She was rushed to the hospital where she underwent a neurosurgery procedure. Amber Chia Photo Credit: Now along with the development of its increasingly burdensome business, Auri moved the location of her office to a three-storey shophouse in the West Jakarta office area.

He showed early entrepreneurial promise selling candy and doing odd jobs for neighbors, eventually going on to become the founder of the Standard Oil Company.

EO Malaysia

Apart from singing, she has also starred in several films including Susukand Appalam. Tony Fernandes has talent in music. His first acting role was in Cinta as a villain. With the true spirit of a malay entrepreneur and good academic background in accounting field, Azman was quick to maneuver his career along the corporate path, joining several established corporations in the process.

Hopefully we will see additional names in the coming years in this list. Anderson grew up poor, but set off alone to Copenhagen at 14 when a fortuneteller told him that although he would suffer early on, eventually he would become famous.

Her works have won multiple awards both within Malaysia and internationally. Finally he makes a decision instantly to get a belt loader. K Rowling was at her rope's end before her misfit gang of witches and wizards saved her.

At that time, Auri tried to work on many jobs in the hope that he could collect a lot of portfolios. Gates went on to create Microsoft and develop the Windows operating system, which continues to be tremendously popular.

Top 10 Most Famous Entrepreneurs. Financial support is mostly obtained from banks, financial institutions and family members. Only women entrepreneurs whose businesses have been in operation for at least three years and whose annual sales exceed RM, were categorised as successful and taken as sample of the study.

Tony Fernandes mortgaged his home and use his personal savings to buy the company. He went on to win more awards in the coming years. For example, there is a clear lack of social innovation in the energy industry:10 Successful Teen Entrepreneurs Who Made Millions. they’re successful entrepreneurs who have managed to amass more money than most of us will ever earn our whole lives.

Today, he is an international bestselling author, philanthropist, and a high profile motivational speaker. The social entrepreneurship scene in Malaysia has a long way to go, and its success hinges on the development of a healthy ecosystem.

Photo/Amir Shariff Homegrown social enterprises have the potential to make a lasting impact on society by providing innovative business solutions to. The Top 10 of Malaysia is published in association with Top 10 of Asia which is an initiative to showcase Asia’s excellence in all its diversity: arts, literature, cultures, industries, personalities, lifestyles, innovations, politics, governments, sports and so on.

Profile of Successful Visual Media Entrepreneur Mogul John Textor

9 traits of successful entrepreneurs you should develop You might never join the ranks of the multi-zillionaires, but these characteristics of an entrepreneur can take you far in the workplace. Entrepreneurial Growth Process of Malay Entrepreneurs- A Malaysian 1Ummi Salwa Ahmad Bustamam Faculty of Economics & Muamalat Islamic Science University of Malaysia Malaysia E-mail: [email protected] Abstract Entrepreneurship and growth are closely equated with high performance and survivability among entrepreneurs.

entrepreneurship, but what is needed to maintain the operation and guide an enterprise to success is the leadership that exists within the organization (Arham et al., ).

Profile of a successful malaysian entrepreneur
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