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The colours are grey-black low contrast spots on ticked ivory to chocolate spots on ticked sandy colour. Light Amber is a pale beige colour.

In his investigation into the inheritance of tabby coat pattern, PW Whiting had tentatively considered ticking factors as a series of three alleles 3 alternative versions of the same gene which he called "much ticking" "little ticking" and "non-ticked".

For example the "marbled tabby" seen in Bengals is a variation on the "classic tabby". Since she had never observed very finely divided blotched patterns, either in purebreds on in random-bred cats, this suggested that the a gene for large pattern classic tabby thl was dominant to that for small pattern classic tabby ths and that the gene for the small form was only activated if the pattern modifier gene was active.

The Poljun also includes the servaline pattern. It has also been found in the Savannah cat, introduced there by the Bengal. The breed had a high profile launch in the s and though still listed by TICA it has almost disappeared.

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Some of those "British Ticks" were almost certainly bred with Abyssinians and because they carried and produced longhair are implicated in the origin of the modern Somali. Cats with 2 copies of the ticked gene Striped paper no body markings, while cats with only one copy of the gene have tabby striping breaking through on the legs, head and chest.

HC Brooke noted that a lady in Yorkshire owned a pair, but had never shown them and that she was contemplating having the male neutered. The Siamese of that time being far less extreme than the modern variety; the illustration shows the Indian cat as similar to an Abyssinian. The Kanaani Canaan Cat being developed in Germany is being bred to resemble the spotted wildcat subspecies Felis lybica gordonii, but with domestic temperament.

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The second breeding line focused on the inheritance of the spotted Ts variant and was founded using an Egyptian Mau male mated to 3 unrelated blotched tabby females.

Reid and Cindi Morgan lived in Singapore from It is possible to introduce the ticked tabby pattern into other breeds. The Abyssinian was recognised in the s but the pattern itself is far older.

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A name was not posted for the spotted modifier locus though Straede has previously posited Pmf" breaks the pattern into spots and recessive "pmu" leaves the pattern unbroken. In the mackerel tabby, the vertical stripes are thin like fishbones and may break up into bars or vertically aligned spots.

Viewed closely, the pattern colour is heavily ticked on a paler ticked background. For example this India street cat submitted by Vasilis Lekka shows a distinct "freckled pattern" of very small spots.

The distribution of pigmentation varies between cats. The foreground colour is the solid colour non-agouti of the markings. Dilmun cats are semi-foreign in conformation and have evolved to survive in Bahrain's extremely high summer temperature. Since the Spotted Mist pattern size fell into large and small spots, she suggested that there was a second form of the classic gene which divided the large pattern concentrically into narrower bands.

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The ocelot-like spotted cat was an attractive surprise result. How they originated, or whether any cross was made use of to obtain Striped paper, I do not know. The British and American Shorthairs and the Egyptian Mau are naturally occurring breeds which have been refined by selective breeding.

A stongly marked seal-tabby Siamese with a breakthrough spotted pattern looked like a Spotted Tabby Oriental with blue eyes mated to a Siamese produced a litter containing one strongly marked classic tabby that looked more like a Classic Tabby Oriental with blue eyes. It is a more robust variety which occurs semi-wild and has also interbred with semi-wild cats of Siberian and domestic shorthair type.

The Morgans note that feral cats of this type are far from extinct and are easily found living in the storm drains of Singapore.Spruce up your space with stripes!

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In the Toyger breed, the ideal pattern is a modified mackerel pattern sometimes described as "candle-flame" or braided based on its appearance.

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