The italian renaissance vs the renaissance in northern europe essay

However, monarchs often sponsored the arts because they believed that cultural achievement could lead to national pride, which would help unite the people and strengthen the monarchy. Italian artists made the viewer delve into the inner working of the human mind and their subject matter primarily consisted of gods and goddesses displayed with symmetry, balance, and linear perspective.

Outside of Italy the Renaissance was more a blend of the old and the new with religion being the most important factor.

Northern Renaissance vs. Italian Renaissance Art

As people began to go against the Catholic church, some of the art became more secular. New emphasis on anatomy also led to glorious marble statuary and reflection of beauty in the imagination such as in David by Michelangelo.

Southern Italian Renaissance vs. Northern Essay

Here Gabriel Biel taught till very near the close of the century. Centered around Florence then later Rome, aided by the patronage of the Medici family in the Early Renaissance and Popes in the High Renaissance, and inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, the Southern Renaissance movement emphasized humans their capacities, values and worth.

They despised the German people for their rudeness and intemperance in eating and drinking. To the Italians, Germany was a land of barbarians.

Francesco Petrarca, or Petracrch, is known as the first man of letters. The religious art in Italy made the subjects look more grand also, while the northern art was more realistic. Paintings of the Italian Renaissance were relatively calmer and were not such vivid depictions of suffering.

Classic Architecture Italian Renaissance architects were surrounded by Classical architecture ruins. Such impressions were soon offset by the sound scholarship which arose in Germany and the Netherlands.

He painted the Last Supper, which portrays Christ and his disciples around a large table. Leonardo Da Vinci Research Paper Essay He stresses that mankind is not sinful, rather all humans are special and possess the free will and the capability to be united with God.

Realism was approached in different ways in each Renaissance. Staring at the beautiful artwork of Michelangelo would Also, since it took longer for the painting styles from Italy to catch on, a lot of the artwork during this time in Northern Europe still feature older styles.

The Medici family of Florence shows how the upper middle classes were patrons of the arts as a sign of status and a mark of civic pride. This explicit painting shows the diseased body of Christ with his skin torn and crown of thorns piercing into his head. More genuine and more attached to Christian teachings of the church than art of Southern Renaissance movement, Northern European art turned its attention to portraits and domestic scenes fixated on the minute surface details and reflected belief in religious truth from nature.

Popular education, during the century before the Reformation, was far more advanced in Germany than in other nations.

Southern Italian Renaissance vs. Northern Essay

In the north, creating realistic figures also became an important focus. Order now Northern Renaissance Art Northern Artists, sculptors, and architects were influenced by daily life, portraits, religious scenes, and scenes of nature.

In Italy the religious sense, if not gone completely, was passed into a cult in which God was glorified by works of art. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Raphael another great artist did madonnas of young Italian women.

People were interested in science. On top of this he was also a great inventor. And, while this cultural revolution started in Italy, it did not take long for this process to begin in other places, such as Northern Europe.

This Italian social change and rise in humanism led a shift in power to Rome and Italian artists to consider scientific principles behind individual composition such as proportion, anatomy, and perspective.

Wealthy patrons did not want paintings of ordinary people, but more of the extraordinary.Developing Europe into a powerhouse, the Renaissance marked complete cultural transition of Europe out of the Middle Ages and identified a societal change of values and ideas reflected in the art and literature of the time period; the “rebirth” in Southern Europe, however, differed from Northern Europe.

The Renaissance is a time in history that is often discussed and referenced, but rarely defined. Literally meaning “re-birth,” it started in the late s in Italy, particularly in Florence. It encompassed all areas of culture, from art to music to literature to medicine.

The Northern Renaissance is the term used to describe the Renaissance in northern Europe, or more broadly in Europe outside Italy. Before Italian Renaissance humanism had little influence outside Italy/5(3). Below is an essay on "Italian Renaissance vs Northern Renaissance" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

AP EUROPEAN HISTORY Around the s to the s, a new way of life came about.

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The Northern Renaissance is the term used to describe the Renaissance in northern Europe, or more broadly in Europe outside Italy. Before Italian Renaissance humanism had little influence outside Italy. From the late 15th century the ideas spread around Europe.3/5(2). Start studying Compare and contrast the Italian Renaissance with the northern Renaissance.

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The italian renaissance vs the renaissance in northern europe essay
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