Why golf isnt a sport essay

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Golf is recreation--something to pass the time. You might as well nudge it into the hole with your nose. So it will be with Murica.


Most individuals could take steroids and never hit a major league pitch much less a home run, much less over of them. I make them punch as hard as they can but slow. They would also point to the fact that golf requires a certain degree of coordination and muscle use, as well as being featured at the upcoming Summer Olympics.

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Apr 19,  · Get a grip. Gimme a break. Woods may be well on his way to being the greatest golfer ever. But it's golf. Golf isn't a sport; it's a skill much like bowling, billiards, darts, auto racing, curling.

July 23, Great tips for overcoming writer’s block. I definitely like your mentor’s advice to get out and live. Sometimes I’ll sit down to the computer ready to write about a specific topic, but the words don’t come and instead I start writing about something completely different than what I had planned.

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Why Golf is Not a Sport

Is golf a sport? 50% Say Yes 50% Say No Golf is a sport without a doubt. Golf is a sport any way you look at it. Death to golf.

Golf isnt a sport because its never been in the Olympics and its really only for rich agronumericus.com golf is boring to watch and its really slow unlike football or soccer even agronumericus.com last thing golf is hard.

Why golf isnt a sport essay
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